Well, you may have heard about the term Power Electronics many times as an electrical engineering student or someone who already graduated but haven't faced it during your study in college.

Today i will give some information about Power Electronics and how it is important in our life.

What Is Power Electronics ?

What Is Power Electronics?

  • Power Electronics is a branch of Electrical Engineering which deals with power conversion from one from to another form using Inductors, Capacitors, Semiconductor devices (Diode, Thyristor, MOSFET, IGBT etc.).
  • The power may be from (point on load applications) to MW (Power Systems).
  • Energy Conversion can take place in any form.
  • The basic conversions are:
  1. AC - AC (AC Choppers)
  2. DC - DC (DC Choppers)
  3. DC - AC (Inverters)
  4. AC - DC (Rectifiers)

So we understand that Power Electronics are used to convert electrical power from one form to another such as direct voltage or one directional voltage to AC or positive and negative voltage.

Second question is what are the applications of Power Electronics ?

  • At home as light dimmer, air-conditioning, UPS (uninterrupted power system), battery charges, etc.
  • Industries: Almost all the motors employed in the industries are controlled by power electronic drives.
  • Power supplies in aircraft, satellites, space shuttles, advance control in missiles, unmanned vehicles and other defense equipment.
  • Renewable Energy: Generation systems such as solar, wind etc.
  • For example solar cells generate DC power and for general application we need AC power and hence power electronic converter is used.
  • Utility System: HVDC transmission to interconnect between 2 countries.

Here is an image to summarize those applications:

What Is Power Electronics

So we understand now what is power electronics and its applications, we understand now that there are 4 main conversions for it, now lets see a power electronics circuit as an example:

What Is Power Electronics

This Circuit consists of

1- Diode.

2- Switch as IGBT, MOSFET, BJT.....

3- Storage elements as Capacitors and Inductors.

This is an example of boost converter or step up DC chopper, this circuit is used to step up the voltage or increase the voltage.

As an example if i have an input DC voltage of 10 V and i would like to raise the voltage to 12 V, then i would you use a circuit as boost converter or step-up DC chopper to do this function.

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