You may have heard about MATV system as an electrical engineer but what does a MATV system basically means ?

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MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. It is the means by which many apartment houses, hotels, schools, and other multi-unit buildings distribute TV and FM signals to a number of receivers.

Assume that we have hotel of 1000 rooms and we would like to provide satellite and TV channels for each apartment, we would need 1000 satellite dishes, 1000 antennas and 1000 receiver which is a very huge number.
We use MATV, to use less amount of required cables, receivers and more channels.

What Are The MATV Components?

•Dish and Antenna.
•Control units as switches and launch amplifiers.
•Satellite outlets.


MATV Frequency range

This values change from one country to another, as an example in Egypt we have RF or radio frequency of TV ranges from 47-862 MHZ.

They are divided to VHF or very high frequency from 47 to 300 MHZ, also UHF ultra high frequency from 300 to 862 MHZ.

We need two antennas, one for VHF and another one for UHF.

For satellite which is IF or intermediate frequency from 950 to 2400 MHZ, we use satellite dish + LNB to receive these channels.

LNB is abbreviation for low noise block which is mounted on satellite dish, LNB is the object on the right picture next to satellite dish.

It collects radio waves from dish and converts them to signal which is sent through a cable to receiver inside the building, LNB can have one or two or four ports.

In MATV we use 4 ports because we need to receive High and low band, vertical and horizontal polarization.

As example: There is horizontal-high, horizontal-low, vertical-high and vertical-low.

We use one satellite dish to receive one satellite as Nilesat or Hot bird or Astra,…..

For UHF and VHF antennas, we use a device called booster or VHF/UHF combiner unit to combine all RF signals together.

We can not use one rotating satellite dish as one person can be using Nilesat and another one using Hot bird in another hotel room so we have to use 2 separate satellite dishes.

What Is A Launch Amplifier ?

Strength of signal at any point should be in range from 55 to 80 db or decibel.

We use launch amplifier for amplifying input signals for transmission.

It takes 4 signals of VH,VL,HH,HL and signal from VHF/UHF combiner unit.

It transmits the signal to switches or matrices.

Switch Or Matrix Or Splitter Or Tap

After two or more splitters, we should an amplifier to strength the signals due to losses in transmission cables and switches.

Satellite Outlet And Cables

Satellite outlet receives one cable from splitter or switch and converts it to multi outputs.

Outputs as Sat1, Sat2, TV and Radio.

We use RG 11 cables to connect switches together.

We use RG 6 cables to connect between switch and satellite outlet.

RG 6 and RG 11 are coaxial cables.

Inner conductor can be copper or ccs or copper clad steel.

Contains shield or braid which surrounds the cable which can AL or CU.

Cables should have range of 47 to 2400 MHZ.

Example On MATV System

Hope this article was helpful for you :)