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Your Instructor

Ahmed Mahdy
Ahmed Mahdy
I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, researcher, and the founder of Khadija Academy. I am also an electrical bestselling instructor at more than 30 platforms, teaching electrical engineering, and have helped more than 60,000 students from nearly 189 countries achieve career success with simple and easy courses. In addition to having a YouTube educational engineering channel called" Khadija Academy", where I regularly post videos related to electrical engineering. Moreover, I am also an author on Amazon having 15 books about electrical engineering. In 2018, I was nominated among the top 10% of instructors on Udemy, besides currently ranking among the top instructors in the engineering sector of Udemy.

Some of my published research works in the top electrical engineering journals worldwide:

1- Transient stability improvement of wave energy conversion systems connected to power grid using anti-windup-coot optimization strategy - Energy Journal - Impact Factor of 8.9.

2- Nonlinear Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of a Grid-Connected AWS Wave Energy Conversion System - IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy - Impact Factor of 8.3.

3- Modeling and optimal operation of hybrid wave energy and PV system feeding supercharging stations based on golden jackal optimal control strategy - Energy Journal - Impact Factor of 8.9.

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