Ultimate Power Electronics, Electrical Protection, and LogixPro Bundle

Learn about power electronics, electrical protection, and the PLC simulator (LogixPro) for electrical engineering

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⚡️ "Ultimate 2023 Power Electronics, Electrical Protection, and LogixPro Bundle for Electrical Engineering" ⚡️

The only bundle with everything you need to know about rectifiers, AC choppers, DC choppers, inverters, electrical protection, and the PLC simulator (LogixPro).

First Course "Complete Rectifiers Course for Electrical Engineering"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • Definition of power electronics circuit and its application.
  • Different types of switches as uncontrolled switches, semi-controlled, and fully controlled switches such as diodes, thyristors, IGBT, Mosfet, etc.
  • Types and applications for different switching devices.
  • Definition of the rectifier.
  • Different single-phase rectifier circuits and their configurations.
  • Half wave and full wave rectifier single-phase circuits in uncontrolled, half, and full controlled bridges.

Second Course "Complete AC Choppers Course for Electrical Engineering"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • AC chopper circuits with R load.
  • AC chopper circuits with L load, R-L parallel, and series load.
  • AC chopper with capacitive load.
  • Integral cycle control of AC chopper with example.
  • AC chopper in transformer tap changing.
  • AC chopper loaded by an AC motor with back e.m.f.
  • Applications and disadvantages of AC choppers.

Third Course "Complete DC Choppers Course for Electrical Engineering"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • Definition of DC choppers and applications of DC choppers.
  • Generation of the duty cycle.
  • Types of circuits used to step up or step down the DC voltage.
  • Analyze the step-down DC chopper with R and R-L-E load,
  • Analyze the step-up DC chopper with R, RL, and RE loads.
  • Analyze a buck regulator, boost regulator, and buck-boost regulator circuits.
  • Equations to get the minimum values of inductance and capacitance required for those circuits.

Fourth Course "Complete Inverters Course for Electrical Engineering"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • Definition of the inverter.
  • Importance and applications of inverters.
  • Single-phase half-bridge R-load.
  • Single-phase half-bridge RL-load.
  • Performance parameters of an inverter.
  • Single-phase bridge inverter R-load.
  • Single-phase bridge inverter RL-load.
  • Three-phase inverters and obtaining the line voltages and phase voltages.
  • Single pulse width modulation.
  • Multiple pulse width modulation.
  • Sinusoidal pulse width modulation.

Fifth Course "Matlab Simulations in Power Electronics"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

The simulation using MATLAB of:

  • Single-phase half wave controlled rectifier
  • Single-phase bridge controlled rectifier
  • Single-phase AC chopper with R and RL load
  • A DC-DC converter as a buck regulator
  • Boost regulator
  • Buck-Boost regulator
  • Single-phase half-bridge inverter
  • Single-phase bridge inverter
  • Three Phase Inverter
  • Everything about the ETAP program, from zero to hero

All of these topics are in a step by step lessons with many solved examples.

Sixth Course "Electrical Protection for Complete Beginners"

Throughout the course, you will learn:

  • Different components of the electrical protection system
  • Zones of protection of electrical systems
  • Trip circuit of the electrical system
  • Primary and backup protection
  • Characteristics of measuring the relay performance
  • Fault clearing time and time lag in electrical protection
  • Different types of relays
  • Directional power relay and its applications
  • Definition of overcurrent protection
  • Settings and applications of overcurrent protection
  • Distance protection in electrical systems
  • Construction and operation of a distance relay
  • Plain impedance relay
  • Operating characteristics and R-X diagram of an impedance relay
  • Stepped distance protection
  • Transmission line protection and directional impedance relay
  • Modified impedance-type distance relay
  • Reactance-type distance relay
  • Mho or admittance distance relay
  • Types of differential protection
  • Current balance differential protection
  • Voltage balanced differential protection
  • Percentage differential current relay
  • Principle of operation and selection of low voltage circuit breakers
  • Principle of operation of earth leakage circuit breaker or residual current CB
  • Selection of medium voltage circuit breakers
  • Types of low voltage and high voltage fuses

All of these topics are in a step by step lessons with many solved examples.

Seventh Course "Ultimate Logixpro PLC Simulator Course for Electrical Engineering"

The only course out there which can teach you the basics of PLC programming with fun and awesome simulations

Logixpro program is an interesting and useful simulator for the simulation of different procedures such as moving belts, garage openings, and closing, a mixer that consists of a tank in addition to some pipes of different liquids, and many more!

This program helps learn ladder programming and PLC with an easy and interactive simulation method.

In this course, we will use the Logixpro simulator in which we will write the coding and simulate inside the program to see the effect of our ladder diagram.

Throughout the course, you will:

  • Understand PLC hardware configuration.
  • Understand the types of inputs and outputs in PLC.
  • Understand the advantages of using PLC over classic control.
  • Differentiate between PLC programming languages.
  • Learn the definition of the PLC scan cycle.
  • How to use markers in PLC.
  • How to use counters and timers.
  • Do tasks in silo, batch, I/O, and door simulators.

Take this bundle if you've been looking for ONE COURSE BUNDLE with in-depth insight into power electronics, electrical protection, ETAP, and PLC basics.

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"I thought that this was a very thorough course on the components of power electronics. It covered all of the different types of the major power electronic components (Diode, Thyristor and Transistor). There was a good balance between the function of the components as well as the math. I especially liked the visuals of the current and voltage curves. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is trying to get a better understanding of power electronics."

- Timthy John Ellsworth, electrical engineer


"Great way to learn electronics and instructor is very easy to understand."

- Timothy M., electrical power engineer


"I really love this course. Fast and to the point, Great instructor."

- Arturo Zamora Canizalez, electrical engineering student

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