Ultimate Electrical Engineer Course Bundle

Build a Solid Foundation in Electrical Engineering & Start Your Career with This 17-Course, 50-Hour Bundle

Are you an electrical engineering student or a graduate❓

Are you interested in learning all fundamentals of electricity❓

Do you want to learn electric circuits, and electrical machines❓

Do you want to start your career in electrical engineering❓

Do you want to design electrical distribution systems❓

Do you want to learn about substations❓

Do you want to start your career in solar energy from A to Z❓

If your answer is YES!! 👍🏻 👍🏻

Then this program is 💯 💯 for you!!

✔️ This program is designed for electrical engineering students or graduates and even those with zero knowledge and interested in learning.

✔️ You will learn about electrical distribution system design using Autocad, Dialux and ETAP programs, sizing of UPS and generators in addition to tons of useful content as substations.

✔️ You will start learning from scratch about solar energy basics till designing different solar energy systems, this will help you in obtaining a career in solar energy field.

✔️As refreshment, you will also learn basic knowledge as electric circuits, and electrical machines.

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First Bundle

⚡️"Complete Electric Circuits Bundle"⚡️ Worth $99

"5 Courses In 1"

Throughout the course you will learn:

✔️Basic concepts of electricity as electric charge, current, voltage, etc.
✔️Basic elements and their equivalent circuits such as resistance, inductance and capacitor.
✔️Basic laws as KCL, KVL, Ohm's law and Delta-Wye transformations.
✔️Methods of analysis as nodal and mesh analysis.
✔️Circuit theorems as Norton, Thevenin, source transformation and maximum power transfer.
✔️Different operational amplifiers as inverting, non inverting, summing, etc.

All of these topics are in step by step lessons with many solved examples.

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Second Bundle

⚡️"Complete Electrical Machines Bundle"⚡️ Worth $99

"4 Courses In 1"

Throughout the course we will cover tons of topics in more than 100 lecture:

✔️ Learn basics of transformers which are considered backbone of electrical power systems and the basics of magnetic circuits.

✔️ Learn everything about DC machines including DC generators and DC motors.

✔️ Learn everything about synchronous machines especially synchronous generators which are used in more than 90% of generating substations.

✔️ Learn everything about induction machines as induction generators used in wind turbines and induction motors including their speed control and other important features.

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Third Bundle

⚡️"Complete Electrical Design Masterclass Bundle"⚡️ Worth $197

"2 Courses In 1"

This course will help you to learn about electrical design, and substations.

Throughout the course we will cover tons of topics and details such as:

✔️Basics of Autocad program
✔️Basics of Dialux program
✔️Understanding steps of electrical design
✔️Designing of the lighting systems using Dialux and Autocad programs
✔️Wiring of luminaries, sockets and switches in Autocad
✔️Designing of panel schedule for lighting and power circuits
✔️Selection of circuit breakers and cables
✔️Understanding design of single line diagram of industrial and residential buildings
✔️Calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by manual calculations and by ETAP
✔️Sizing of an electrical generator
✔️Basics of earthing systems
✔️Design of an earthing systems by manual calculations and by ETAP program
✔️Understanding all of the components of electrical substation
✔️Understanding the steps of designing an electrical substation

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Fourth Bundle

☀️"Complete 2020 Solar Energy Masterclass from Zero to Hero"☀️ Worth $147

"5 Courses In 1"

Throughout the course we will cover Tons of topics and details such as:

✔️The fundamentals of solar PV energy
✔️Grid-tie vs. off-grid PV systems
✔️Components of a solar PV system
✔️Solar modules
✔️DC/DC converters and junction boxes
✔️DC/AC inverters
✔️Roof performance for solar
✔️Design of on and off grid PV systems
✔️Design of solar water pumping system
✔️Design of grounding system
✔️Design of single line diagram of PV system using the Autocad
✔️Design of on and off grid PV systems using the PVSyst program.
✔️Protection of PV system

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⭐Bonus Course⭐

Complete 2020 ETAP Course Worth $297

Throughout the course we will cover tons of topics in ETAP program, one of the most important programs for electrical power engineers.

You will learn in this course:

✔️Drawing SLD in ETAP program

✔️Adding components and ratings in ETAP program

✔️ How to do load flow analysis in ETAP

✔️ How to do short circuit analysis in ETAP

✔️ How to do the voltage drop calculations in ETAP

✔️ How to do arc flash studies in ETAP

✔️ How to do transient stability analysis in ETAP

✔️ Definition of harmonics

✔️ How to do harmonic analysis in ETAP

✔️ How to design earthing systems in ETAP

✔️ How to simulate PV system in ETAP

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Some of Our Students' Reviews for The Courses


"I thought that this was a very thorough course on the components of power electronics. It covered all of the different types of the major power electronic components (Diode, Thyristor and Transistor). There was a good balance between the function of the components as well as the math. I especially liked the visuals of the current and voltage curves. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is trying to get a better understanding of power electronics."

- Timthy John Ellsworth, electrical engineer


"Great way to learn electronics and instructor is very easy to understand."

- Timothy M., electrical power engineer

"Great course for those looking to brush up and or learn about electrical substation design, and the components used in designing and operating an efficient substation. Well presented, completed the course in 1 sitting. Thanks again."

- Thomas Stecko, electrical engineer


"It's the best in terms of quality notes and explanations."

- Bojoh Tamba D., power engineer


"Great course, well structured, highly informative, high response rate from the author in case of any confusing and is highly recommended for anyone that wants to have a career on pv system design and installation, he knows what he is doing and at the same time am very grateful sir as a young engineer"

- Ndibe Nnanyelu Augustine, engineer

"It contains pretty useful information than an electrical engineer might need in the work environment and it's well explained. The example projects are very well explained also and on point."

- Rudens Mara, electrical engineer


"I really love this course. Fast and to the point, Great instructor."

- Arturo Zamora Canizalez, electrical engineering student


"I got my electrical engineering degree in 1970, and this will be a great update across a lot of areas. Material all looks good and challenging."

- Ron F., electrical engineer


"Honestly, I appreciate the way Mr. Ahmed has helped me in understanding the content of this course. I have been asking him a lot of questions in almost all chapters and he always responded well up to my satisfaction.

I'm glad to share that he possesses a thorough knowledge about the subject.

I do recommend that whosoever is willing or interested to start a carrier in solar energy power generation, he/she must undergo this training course.

Again, a Big Thanks to Mr. Ahmed for being so helpful.

Thanks a lot."

- Gurbir Singh, solar engineer


"Really love it. I study at my own pace, the instructions are clear and I am learning a lot. Thank You for making this course available at this price.''

- Johann B, electrical engineer

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