Basic Concepts of Electric Circuits (Class 1 in Electric Circuits)

Learn Basic Concepts of Electric Circuits as Current, Voltage And Power with Simple Examples

⚡️"Basic Concepts of Electric Circuits"⚡️

What are we going to learn from this course?

✔️ Fundamentals of electric DC circuits

✔️ SI units or international Units

✔️ Definition of the electric charge

✔️ Definition of the electric current

✔️ Definition of the electric voltage

✔️ Definition of the electric power

✔️ Definition of electric energy

✔️ Difference between dependent and independent sources

✔️ Applications of DC Circuits

✔️ Know the principle of TV picture tube or CRT

✔️ Know about the electricity bills calculations

All of these topics are in a step by step lessons with many solved examples.

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